Carl Reiner Professes His Love For Tina Fey: 'She's Still Sexy'

At age 93, comedy legend Carl Reiner is still getting crushes on funny women.

On the HuffPost Show on Friday, the '2000 Year Old Man' star explained his love for Tina Fey and expounded on a tweet from earlier in the month in which he called her "beautiful and brilliant":

Reiner first fell for Fey when he saw her impersonate Sarah Palin on SNL, saying he "fell over" when he saw it.

He particularly enjoyed Fey's stunt during her final guest appearance on the Late Show a few weeks back when she ripped her dress off for David Letterman revealing a custom-made leotard bearing the words "Bye Dave!" on the front and "#LastDressEver" on the back.

Reiner said of Fey, "she's still sexy."

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