Carla Bruni Apologizes For Feminism Remarks After Twitter Backlash

Those feminism comments she made? They just needed some clarification, guys.

Après Carla Bruni, le déluge. Or at least that's what happened when the former French first lady was quoted in the latest issue of Paris Vogue saying, "My generation doesn't need feminism." Cue the backlash.

In a swift response, French women’s-rights group "Osez le Féminisme!" ("Dare To Be A Feminist"), sent a call out to Twitter, asking followers to tweet why feminism is needed using the hashtag #ChereCarlaBruni (#DearCarlaBruni). We're sure the ensuing barrage of responses made Carla think twice about her statements.

French female senator Laurence Rossignol sent out a particularly noteworthy response to the call, replying in a tweet that translates to, "#ChèreCarlaBruni As long as I get asked whether I am the senator's assistant, the next generation will need feminism."

So, naturally, when spoke to the former supermodel during a phone interview, conversation turned to the pink elephant in the room: any second thoughts, Carla? Well, yes, actually. The supermodel claims that she "completely understands" the negative response, but her words were taken "out of context":

"This phrase is very clumsy and poorly translates my thoughts. It should have read: 'I have never personally felt the need to be a feminist activist'... I imagine I am [a feminist] if feminism means claiming one's freedom. But I am not if it means being committed in an active way to the fight that some women are still leading today... I admire their bravery a lot, but I have chosen to commit myself elsewhere."

During her time as première dame, Carla took on AIDS activism as her main philanthropic cause (though her charity did face a misconduct allegation earlier this year). But, overall, she was well-received during Nicolas Sarkozy's time as president, so this latest controversy has people drawing comparisons with the current polarizing first lady Valerie "The Rottweiler" Trierweiler -- she faced her own Twitter backlash last summer. So perhaps it's Valerie's turn to give Carla some advice?

What do you think of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's retraction? Was the whole thing blown out of proportion?

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May 1, 2012

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