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Carla Bruni's 'Disguise' Is A Far Cry From Her Dior Wardrobe Of Yore (PHOTOS)

Carla Bruni may not be a first lady anymore, but she's still a bona fide celeb. Need proof? Mme. Sarkozy took to the street today wearing a pseudo-disguise, covering herself with giant sunglasses and a large hat.

She also had on a leather bomber jacket that appeared to bear her name, but that's not a required marker of celebrity. (In fact, we're not sure who wears jackets like that except pilots and POTUS.) Those shades and hat, on the other hand, had "famous person!" written all over them.

Carla's said herself that she loves going incognito: Last year, she told Le Nouvel Observateur that she rides the Parisian metro wearing a wig so that nobody recognizes her. If it's fame she fears, she's going to really need a disguise now, considering her return to the stage as a pop singer (this woman seriously has nine lives).

Check out Carla's latest get-up below -- a far-cry from her chic Dior ensembles of yesteryear, non?


carla bruni disguise

carla bruni disguise

Carla's undergone a bit of a makeover...

Carla Bruni's Style

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