Carla Bruni's 'Mon Raymond,' An Ode To A 'Complex' Sarkozy, Debuts Off 'Little French Songs' (EXCLUSIVE)

After placing her singing career mostly on hold during her husband's time as France's president, Carla Bruni makes her return to music with "Little French Songs," the songstress and model's first album in four years.

The record, which arrives this week in France but doesn't land in the United States until April 16, is chock full of charming ballads and has even started a few fires in her native country. For starters, there's a song about hanging out with her former boyfriend, Mick Jagger. There's the French folk equivalent of a diss track that's supposedly aimed at Nicolas Sarkozy's successor Francois Hollande, and there's a charming ode to Sarkozy himself.

It's this love song, named "Mon Raymond" because Bruni felt it wasn't appropriate to title a song "Nicolas" given his position, that HuffPost Entertainment is exclusively premiering (watch the video above).

That Sarkozy has come under some political heat as of late (he's currently being investigated for allegedly manipulating a L'Oreal heiress who suffers from Alzheimer's) galvanizes the singer's tender message that her husband is "sentimental but complex."

Bruni is also returning to modeling as the new face of Bulgari. Some vintage images of Bruni's modeling career are available below.

Carla Bruni's Old Modeling Days