Carla Bruni Cannot Wait To Drink & Smoke Again After Pregnancy

We assumed that the most exciting part of post-pregnant life for Carla Bruni would be the chance to return to her chic, skinny wardrobe (as opposed to all those loose jackets and bathrobes she's been wearing all year).

But of course, like a good French First Lady, Bruni is craving another post-pregnancy treat. Nicolas Sarkozy's wife told French magazine Le Parisien on Tuesday that being with child is driving her crazy:

"Frankly, I cannot stand it. I have to stay sitting or lying most of the time, cannot smoke or drink wine. I cannot wait for it to end."

There you have it, folks: Bruni can't wait to have her baby so she can resume smoking and drinking vino.

We knew we loved this woman.

With the baby's arrival imminent (Bruni told Le Parisien that the baby could come early, possibly by October 1, as her 10-year-old son Aurélien did), the First Lady has settled into the Élysée Palace, reading, watching movies, calling friends and composing and listening to music.

And, of course, doing the occasional on-camera interview.

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