Carla Gugino: TV Pits Women Against Each Other

Carla Gugino in "Political Animals"

"Political Animals" is basically Hillary Clinton fan fiction: What if Hillary had left Bill after she lost the primary to Barack Obama? What if, while still secretary of state, she had decided to run for president? What if she had two sons instead of a daughter, a feisty mother, was named Elaine Hammond, and looked exactly like Sigourney Weaver? The fun, soapy results are playing out every Sunday night on USA at 10 p.m., with Weaver joined by a supporting cast that includes Carla Gugino as Pulitzer Prize-winning political journalist Susan Berg, a woman who made her career exposing the Hammonds' dirty secrets. Gugino has appeared on TV many, many times before, usually kicking ass in a show that is way too short-lived ("Karen Sisco," "Threshold," to name just a few of Gugino’s TV credits). Gugino spoke with Salon last week about Hillary, reclaiming the word "bitch" and the way TV portrays strong women.

Are you a Hillary admirer?

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