Carla Gugino Is Glad To See Young Actresses Finally Getting 'Roles That Really Count'

Actress Carla Gugino told HuffPost Live on Monday that there have been some real changes in Hollywood since the beginning of her career. While many actresses have spoken out about the lack of roles for women over 40, 43-year-old Gugino said that in the past, options for younger actresses were just as limited.

When I was 25, all I wanted to do was be the age I am now because there were no really meaty great roles for young women. And now, you know, you have Jennifer Lawrence. You have Shailene Woodley. Brit Marling is so wonderful. You have really wonderful actresses who are young women coming into their own who are getting to have roles that really count and they're really filling that space.

As she told host Nancy Redd, Gugino has seen a lot of progress in the stories that women are telling on the big screen.

"We're in a space where women from an early age people are realizing there's a big story to tell there and there are a lot of people who want to see it," she said.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Carla Gugino here.

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