YouTube Probes Show By Right-Winger Steven Crowder Over Accusations Of Anti-Gay Rants

Calling Vox video producer Carlos Maza a "lispy queer" is "funny and this is a comedy show," Crowder said in his latest video.

YouTube has launched an investigation into right-wing commentator Steven Crowder after he was accused of making racist and anti-gay comments on his program “Louder With Crowder.”

Carlos Maza, who hosts the Vox show ”Strikethrough,” complained to YouTube and posted a mashup of rants on Twitter that showed Crowder mocking Maza’s ethnicity, mannerisms and calling him a “lispy queer.”

YouTube’s stated community standards prohibit inciting hatred based on “race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation/gender identity.” The company responded on Thursday:

But Maza isn’t waiting for YouTube to take any real action because Crowder draws nearly 4 million subscribers to the site. Last week, Maza tweeted that since he began working at Vox, Crowder had made “video after video” criticizing “Strikethrough” and attacking him personally.

Crowder responded by posting a new video that accused Vox of “trying to ban this show.” He insisted he only attacks “ideas,” not who Maza is. Besides, Crowder said, calling Maza a “lispy queer” was “funny, and this is a comedy show.”

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request from HuffPost for comment.

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