Carlos Santana Explains Why He's Crazy And Happy (VIDEO)

Carlos Santana may be crazy, but it fills his heart with happiness.

The guitar legend released his first Latin music album, “Corazón,” on Tuesday, just three days after his live concert documentary and special debuted on HBO Latino. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Santana gave some advice about the power that lies within every person’s core and asked for Latinos’ wisest minds to come together for the good of the planet.

On Saturday, HBO Latino presented the "Santana: De Corazón” special that gave fans an intimate look into the man behind the guitar. The 30-minute program featured interviews with fellow musicians and close friends. Carlos sat down with HuffPost during a screening for the special and spoke about every individual’s inner light, his invisible voices and what Latinos need to be heard.

Carlos, was does "de corazón" (from the heart) mean to you?

It’s the center of a person, in the heart you can find your individuality, your unique being. It’s important that people know that in this world in which millions and millions are born, there is only one you. In the heart you can find your own voice, your own digital fingerprints. For example, with Santana, thank God, with one note [on the guitar] you know who I am. And every person has that but you lose it because you undervalue it, because you start concentrating on other’s like changing your gold for fake coins. If we could teach kids something in school it should be to know how to treasure their own light, their voice and their own identity because you don’t lose it but you undervalue it. What God gives you you can never lose but it your mind eclipses it, you will undervalue it.

You’ve had a long career in the industry, how have you managed to stay in touch with your identity?

My mother, she taught something very profound that stayed with me. She would tell me: “You are who you are because of God and you have what you have because of your fans, never forget that. You should give thanks and show gratitude to both things everyday.”

You’re always talking about the power of the invisible voices, what does that mean?

We all have a support system, an internal and external system that guides you... many people should know that those who are crazy, like me, are more successful because we hear and listen to those voices. I’d rather listen to the internal voices of my light than to psychiatrists, analysts and therapists. I don’t go to them because I am happy, people who visit those professionals -- and it’s difficult -- it’s because they are not happy. The day that you are happy you don’t need to spend your money on therapists, analysts or psychiatrists. They can’t make you happy only you can be happy by choosing clarity and crystallizing your choices. Be clearer with how you aim your energy and where you put it. The universe es very alive and very attentive to your intentions and it’s going to give them to you, so be careful with what you’re thinking!

You’re a Latino pioneer that has supported other Latinos throughout his career. Today, it seems like our community is rising but we can’t seem to attain what we need, like immigration reform for example. Why do you think that is?

The time is ripe… we can, as Latinos, invite platforms like Telemundo, Univision and HBO Latino to have a weekly or monthly program and invite the wisest minds like Dolores Huertas, Edward J. Olmos, Emilio, Gloria [Estefan]... all of my brothers and sisters of all colors to articulate how we can enter the present with a light that can transform the planet so that there is consistent peace. So that there is respect towards women, who are so abused in Latin America, Africa and many other places. I invite Telemundo, Univision and HBO to have a program where we can present a language of light so that we can teach men from a young age that they have to be elegant with their divinity...a man shouldn’t never get tired of opening the door for a woman...the more I give to my sisters, my wife, my daughters -- the more of a man I am.”



Carlos Santana: "De Corazón"