Carlos Vives’ New ‘Tierra Del Olvido’ Video Is A Gorgeous Love Letter To Colombia

This new visual twist to his 1995 classic will make your heart burst with Colombian pride.

Singer Carlos Vives released "La Tierra Del Olvido" (The Land Of Oblivion) as an homage to his native Colombia in 1995. The song not only became a classic for the singer but also remains close to many Colombians' hearts as an almost unofficial anthem.

Twenty years later, Vives revisits the single with the help of some of Colombia's most renowned artists, recording a new recently released video that shows the natural beauty of the South American country.

The video was produced by ProColombia, an organization created to promote tourism and investment in the country, and features Fanny Lu, Fonseca, Maluma, Andrea Echeverri and many more artists.

With each artist in a different region of Colombia, viewers see the incredible biodiversity of the country as they travel to the Amazon region with Fonseca, the capital of Bogotá with Echeverri, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano with Fanny Lu and more. Carlos Vives himself takes fans to the sandy beaches of his native Santa Marta's National Park of Tyrona.

It's not the first time Vives calls upon artists of different genres to come together in the name of Colombia. The singer wrote "Un Paso Hacia La Paz" (A Step Toward Peace) last fall and gathered 60 local artists to record the song in an effort to promote peace in the country. The singer was inspired by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie's "We Are The World," according to Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

Take a look at Carlos Vives' updated love letter to his native Colombia above.

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