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Carl's Jr. Spider-Man Costume Giveaway: Dress Up, Get Free Cheeseburger

Are you an adult human? Do you own a Spider-Man costume (store-bought or home-made)? Do you like cheeseburgers?

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's have designed a promotion especially for you: wear your Spider-Man costume to a store location on July fourth, and you'll get a free "Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger" for your courage. It is actually worth stopping by their promotional website for this, just to see Stan Lee critique some of the best and worst Spider-Man costumes.

They do stipulate that masks are not allowed. We're guessing that's to keep you from scoring multiple free burgers in one day? Although, we're not sure anyone should eat more than one of those at once. Nothing says, "happy birthday, America" quite like dressing up as a comic book hero to score a free grease bomb, right?