Carly Fiorina Campaign Promises Ads Even 'More Shocking' Than DEMON SHEEP

One of the things that makes me sad about Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep" campaign ad is that I genuinely enjoy writing about campaign ads. Because they are so terrible!

But here we are in February with long, long months ahead in the campaign season, and Fiorina has already ensured that the year of campaign ads has peaked too soon. And so, my life is complete crap from here on in.

But Fiorina is apparently going to do her best to do something about it. As The Daily Beast's Benjamin Sarlin reports, she has only just begun to get crazy!

Don't be surprised if the Fiorina camp does more in this vein in the weeks ahead.

"We can expect to see equally if not more shocking web-based ads or videos coming from our campaign moving forward," [Fiorina spokeswoman] Julie Soderlund said.

Soderlund also says: "It's been touted as the most genius ad ever all the way down to the worst, but no matter what, people are talking about it and it generates views." (Except the part where people think it is "the most genius ad ever," most of that is true).

Seriously, what the Fiorina campaign should be doing is firing everyone involved with this ad -- you know, for calling fiscal conservatives sheep, for making some poor guy crawl around in a field, for attempting to create buzz over this crazy acronym "FCINO," which stands for Fiscal Conservative In Name Only -- but for my own sake, I'm glad this doesn't seem to be happening.

Speaking of that acronym, Soderlund says: "It's 'fuh-see-no.'"

Oh, sweetie. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but stop trying to make "FUH-SEE-NO" work because it is not happening.

That said, as long as the Fiorina campaign intends to get shocking, I have suggestion: Why not call Tom Campbell an "Incubus?" Then, you can shoot an entire, freaked-out ad in Esperanto and it can star William Shatner!


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