Carly Fiorina Fires Back At Idea That Hormones Cloud Women's Judgment

Men have hormones, too, she said.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina reminded a crowd at the Iowa State Fair on Monday what a double standard female leaders face when people say their emotions keep them from doing their job well. 

"Can we think of a single instance in which a man's judgment might have been clouded by his hormones? Any at all?" the former Hewlett-Packard CEO asked the crowd.  

The comment was possibly a jab at former President Bill Clinton regarding his affair with former White House employee Monica Lewinsky, Mediaite noted.

Fiorina's comments at the fair come four months after a spot on "Fox & Friends" in which the hosts asked her to weigh in on another female CEO's comments that women should not serve as president because they "have different hormones."

Fiorina had a similar response then. 

"I think American history is littered with examples of men whose judgment was clouded by their hormones, including in the Oval Office," she said with a smile. "So if we want to talk about hormones, I think men's hormones sometimes get the better of them."

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