Carly Fiorina Open Mic Video: GOP Senate Candidate Mocks Barbara Boxer's Hair

That didn't take long. Fresh off a victory and preparing for an appearance on KXTV in Sacramento Wednesday morning, California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina was caught sharing a joke about Sen. Barbara Boxer's hairdo.

While bantering with people off camera, Fiorina mentions that a friend "saw Barbara Boxer briefly on television this morning and said what everyone says -- God, what is that hair?"

Earlier in the video, someone tells Fiorina that they are "relaunching failed senator right now," to which Fiorina responds "good, failedsenator.com. Hello, Barbara."

At the beginning of the video, Fiorina also appears puzzled that Republican gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman would choose to go on Sean Hannity's Fox News show on the "first day of the general [election]."

"I think it's bizarre, I mean she's never been on Sean Hannity. I think it's a very bad choice actually. You know how he is," Fiorina continued. "Why after saying no to all these people would you go on Sean Hannity?"

CNN reached Fiorina's campaign Wednesday, which dismissed the significance of the comments.

"This was nothing but early morning small talk," Fiorina campaign press secretary Amy Thoma told CNN in an email.

Watch the video, via CNN:

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