Carly Fiorina Quips To Dog: 'President Obama Ate One Of Your Cousins'

Uh, what?

In a very, very awkward video posted by the Independent Journal Review, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina plays with a group of puppies in an attempt to explain why dogs are better than cats.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was visibly uncomfortable, but was able to get off a joke about President Barack Obama.

"You know, President Obama ate one of your cousins," Fiorina says to one of the puppies, referring to a passage in the president's autobiography in which he admitted to trying dog meat. "Vote Republican," Fiorina told the puppy.

While feeding treats to the puppies, Fiorina explains the benefits of having dogs instead of cats, saying that a dog is sad when you leave, dogs can be "your own security detail," and white, fluffy dogs are "always so friendly."

To make matters even more awkward, Fiorina takes a bite out of a Milk-Bone dog treat on camera.

According to Mediaite, "the video is part of a series from IJ Review depicting presidential candidates in humorous or self-deprecating situations."

Fiorina will appear on the main stage at the final Republican presidential debate of 2015 Tuesday night in Las Vegas.

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