Carly Rose Sonenclar Covers Justin Bieber's 'As Long As You Love Me' And Beyonce's 'If I Were A Boy' (VIDEO)

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Wednesday's episode of "X Factor USA" featured stripped down, acoustic performances from its singers, meant to cut out the spectacle and focus on vocals. This seemed like the perfect formula for the show's leading contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar, who has stunned audiences throughout the season with slowed-down, vocally challenging tracks such "My Heart Will Go On" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

This is why Britney Spears' song choice for the 13-year-old this week was both daring and brilliant: she picked the lighthearted, decidedly uptempo track "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Carly nailed a unique and risky rendition of the popular JB song -- and the judges sang her praises. Watch her performance in the video above. Later in the show, Carly Rose sang Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy," which was selected by the audience. Watch below.

The other surprising moment of the evening came from the other teenage contestant, Diamond White, who was almost eliminated last week in the sing-off. The eternally-smiling 13-year-old came out swinging with a performance full of attitude and powerful vocals. Check out her cover of "It's A Man's World" in the slideshow below.

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