Carly Rose Sonenclar: 10 Amazing Moments From The 'X Factor USA' Runner-Up

Tate Stevens beat Carly Rose Sonenclar on Thursday's finale of "X Factor USA." We'll admit it: we've been #teamteens and #teamCarly since we started live-tweeting the show in September, so the news came as a bit of a shock and a bit of a bummer to us -- even though we agree that "over 25" country singer is both lovable and talented.

As the judges said frequently, Carly Rose Sonenclar's voice was so stunning when she sang that they sometimes doubted that she was human. So, with or without 5 million dollars, we think it's safe to say that star was born on "X Factor USA" this season, and we don't think this will be the last we see of the 13-year-old vocal prodigy.

Click through the slideshow below for 10 of the best Carly Rose Sonenclar moments and tell us: Which of her performances was your favorite? How do you feel about the finale results? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @huffpostteen!



10 Amazing Carly Rose Moments On "X Factor USA"