CarMax Slow Clap Super Bowl Commercial Inspired By 'Rudy' (VIDEO)

Everybody loves a slow clap!

CarMax, the online used-car seller, took a page from other popular Super Bowl commercials with an offering this year that mixes nostalgia with a Hollywood classic.

The ad, featuring a happy CarMax customer driving his car home, pays homage to the famous scene in "Rudy" where the ultimate underdog is treated to an epic slow clap by his Notre Dame football teammates. Only in the commercial, its the CarMax customer who is treated to the show of respect.

Sean Astin, the actor who played Rudy in the film, got a cute cameo in the commercial. Look for the guy in the varsity jacket.

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As the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks battle for the right to lift the Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl advertisers compete for another prize: your attention. Each time that FOX cuts away from Super Bowl XLVIII to pay the bills, another group of blockbuster commercials and movie trailers was unveiled (although many had been teased or released in advance). Take a look around your Super Bowl party. Are people paying closer attention during the game or the commercial breaks?

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2014 Super Bowl Commercials