Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Rick Ross, Ne-Yo And More Hit The Hennessy NBA All-Star Weekend TakeOver (PHOTOS)

With all-star work comes all-star play, especially when the NBA's best ballers are involved.

Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and others joined entertainers Rick Ross, Fabolous, Ne-Yo, Lil' Jon, Chingy, and Emily B. for the Hennessy NBA All-Star Weekend TakeOver, held at Orlando's club Vain and the massive Sheltair Executive Airport Hanger. ESPN reports Kobe Bryant was also on hand, prompting one fan to screech, "He's much shorter than I thought!" (The 6'8" Anthony, the Worldwide Leader surmises, shortly made up for it.)

And if NBA superstars weren't impressive enough, Rick Ross was caught dancing and 'Shark Tank''s Damond John was presented with a shark cake for his birthday. Check out images from both parties below.

PHOTO CREDITS: Thaddeaus McAdams, Exclusive, Drew Mims of Mims Media, LLC, Danny Vega



Hennessy NBA All-Star Weekend TakeOver