Carmen Electra Won't Join Tinder, But Would Swipe Left On These Heartthrobs

"Everyone wants me to be with a doctor or lawyer," Electra told HuffPost Live.

Carmen Electra may say an emphatic "no way!" to joining Tinder, but in an alternate universe, if the "Baywatch" beauty were to be on an all-celebrity version of the popular dating app, for whom would she swipe right? 

As it turns out, the answer is actually no one, which HuffPost Live discovered in a Thursday conversation with the model and actress.

In a game of hypothetical Tinder with host Alex Miranda, Electra opted to swipe left on a whole cadre of Hollywood's most famous hotties, including the likes of Leo and Bieber.

When asked how she'd swipe on a photo of Jon Hamm, the actress look puzzled. "Who's that?" she laughed, before deciding to swipe left for him not being enough of a "bad boy."

Watch the clip above to see who else Electra would swipe left on, and click here to watch the rest of her HuffPost Live conversation. 

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