Carnie Wilson Bell's Palsy: Singer Reveals Diagnosis On Twitter

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 28:  Singer/TV host Carnie Wilson attends Carnie Wilson & Jay Manuel Celebrate Lane Bryant's NYC Flag
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 28: Singer/TV host Carnie Wilson attends Carnie Wilson & Jay Manuel Celebrate Lane Bryant's NYC Flagship on February 28, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Lane Bryant)

Carnie Wilson recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with Bell's palsy.

Wilson said that she has Bell's palsy -- a condition that affects the nerve that controls the muscle on the side of the face, which weakens the muscle and leads to droopiness, according to the Mayo Clinic -- in a tweet to her 5,000 followers last week.

Bell's palsy can happen at any age and is usually temporary for most, according to the Mayo Clinic. Within a few weeks, symptoms begin to improve and after six months, most have completely recovered. The exact cause for Bell's palsy is unclear, although it has been linked to exposure to a viral infection.

Actors George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan both had Bell's palsy as children and made full recoveries.

After breaking the news to her followers, the 44-year-old singer, mother and "Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off" contestant said she has been getting acupuncture and that the treatments have been working.

Prior to revealing her condition, Wilson tweeted about going through a difficult time. "I'm having such challenges right now - I'm praying for peace, health , order and serenity. Love everyone's tweets back to me. Luv u allxxxx," she posted on March 12.

The singer, who has struggled with her weight for years, has been open about her personal issues in the past.

Wilson got lap-band surgery in 2012 after undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 1999 to lose 150 pounds. She has said that learning to love herself has been a work in progress. "I'm not striving for perfection. This has to be for the rest of my life," she told People magazine earlier this month.

"I tell my daughters, 'You have to love yourself,'" she later added. "If I ever hear them put themselves down I tell them, 'Don’t say that. You have to say positive things about yourself because you are what you think you are.' For me, I know I don't weigh 120 pounds, but I’m also not 500 pounds. I am who I am and I celebrate where I am when I'm there."



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