Carol Alt's Empowering Quote Will Encourage Older Women To Demand A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

The images of those women are a step in the right direction, but '80s supermodel Carol Alt says there's still too much pressure on women to stay youthful. "The issue is the media portrays younger women as more desirable," Alt said speaking to

And that needs to change. Alt explained:

carol alt

Goldie Hawn once perfectly summed up Hollywood's attitude toward older women, "There are only three ages for women in Hollywood -- Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy."

At least in modeling, Alt says, ageism has gotten better since she hit the scene in the '80s. "When I got into the modeling industry 35 years ago, the life span of a model was like five years... Then all of a sudden I was 27, and I was still doing it. Then I was 30, and I was still doing it. I was like, 'You know what? Who said this has to end? Why can't my career just grow with me?'" Her career has had lasting power, as she's now an author and TV host.

Preach, Carol.



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