CNN's Carol Costello: 'Climate Change Is Real,' Stop Debating It

CNN's Carol Costello is fed up with the debate on climate change.

“Climate change is real!" she exclaimed Tuesday. "Can't we just say it like it is? Climate change deniers aren't listening to scientists, they're not reading the bible-- they're denying global warming for purely political reasons."

Costello called out two recent deniers, "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak and Sen. Marco Rubio (R), both who have made claims that human action is not behind global warming.

"For many reasons, people keep debating this issue," Costello said, angered that there would be any debate at all.

But one of those "people" is Costello's own network, CNN. The network has been criticized for its coverage of global warming, giving split air time to both sides of the debate. Former CNN science journalist Miles O'Brien blasted the network on Sunday for giving "equal time for both sides," calling it "a huge mistake." Cable networks as a whole have consistently failed to devote significant airtime to worthy climate change reports, and when they do, it is often with inaccuracy.

"There is no scientific debate!" O'Brien said.

But CNN chief Jeff Zucker said Monday that although CNN should devote more time to climate change, there is "a tremendous amount of lack of interest" among the network's audience.

Watch the video to see Costello's comments on CNN.

(h/t: Breitbart)