CNN's Carol Costello Tears Into Donald Trump: 'A Joke,' 'Ridiculous'

CNN anchor Carol Costello laid into Donald Trump for his birther comments and nascent presidential run.

Speaking on Wednesday's "CNN Newsroom," Costello said Trump is "shaping up to be a joke." She then recounted his controversial comments on "The View," and his attempt to release his own birth certificate. "Except it wasn't," she noted acidly. "It was a hospital birthing record. Oops."

She said Trump was "not likely to be president...unless Americans like the fact he's distracting from an important debate that should be taking place in this country." Suzanne Malveaux, who was hosting at the time, said that Trump was also wrong when he said on "The View" that "nobody" remembered Obama from his youth.

"I did a documentary," she said. "I went to Hawaii, I talked to people who knew him as a kid."

"You talked to his secret sister that no one's ever heard of, didn't you?" Costello asked sarcastically. "It's all part of the conspiracy, right?" Malveaux said.

"I know, it's ridiculous," Costello replied.

Watch (via Mediaite)