Carol Es' 'Bioillogical' Removes The Logic From Biology (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Removing The Logic From Biology In Imaginative Exhibition

With her exhibition 'Bioillogical', Carol Es crafts test-tube-dwelling oddities that make diseases look bizarrely darling. As the exhibition title suggests, Es' works play with the relationship between the biological and the logical, opting to address the ridiculous nature of illness.

The works were inspired by the artist's true life experiences, when, after being diagnosed with Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis, Es started looking at the images of her illness as visual marvels instead of as data sets. The results range from the slightly sweet to daring works of the imagination.

Fuzzarious Rubus

With names like "Fuzzarious Rubus" and "Hepatopus Whiskar" Es' isolated specimens, made of pattern-making materials, look like the collection of a mad-scientist's young daughter. Moved from the laboratory into the dollhouse, antibodies are appreciated for their forms and not their logical effects. The artist commented: "I hope the viewer will enjoy the handmade, crafted aspect of my work, and the imagination that goes into every piece. I aim to bring a smile, and hopefully some laughter, to my viewers."

'Bioillogical' will be on display at the UCLA Learning Center from January 9, 2012 until March 7, 2012.

Carol Es

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