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Carole Middleton Hits The Royal Ascot In A Very Kate-y Outfit (PHOTOS)

While we swelter stateside, the Brits are out and about at the Royal Ascot, donning dress code-appropriate hats and all sorts of chic sheath dresses for the biggest horse race of the year.

It's hard to know where to focus: the hats are so wacky (one girl wore a plate of breakfast on her head) that we can't stop looking... but who cares when there are royals around! Princesses, duchesses, countesses and even a royal mother-in-law. On Thursday Carole Middleton got gussied up for the Royal Ascot's Ladies Day... and she looked a lot like her famous daughter.

Mama Middleton donned a long-sleeve red coat over a matching red dress, topping it off with a large red hat, a brooch, a nude clutch and nude pumps (hm, sounds familiar...) If the outfit reminded you of Catherine, that's because it was a dead ringer for the red Catherine Walker ensemble the duchess wore on her Canadian Royal Tour.

Come to think of it, it also looks much like Kate's barge-riding outfit from the Diamond Jubilee boat parade, worn three weeks ago.

The similarity shouldn't shock, as the Middleton girls have raided each other's wardrobes before -- at the Royal Ascot, no less: Carole attended the event in 2010 wearing a blue Reiss dress borrowed from Kate.

So how does Carole's outfit stack up? Check her look, her daughterly inspiration and tons more pics from the 2012 Royal Ascot below.


carole middleton

carole middleton

carole middleton

carole middleton

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The Royal Ascot 2012

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