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Carolina Herrera Debuts Her First Bridal Pantsuit (VIDEO, POLL)

Carolina Herrera, the mastermind behind the "Twilight" wedding dress, debuted some more wedding looks as part of her Spring 2013 bridal collection, and her runway immediately turned a few heads for one big reason.

As Women's Wear Daily notes, Herrera mixed some hints of black into her collection of gowns, which packed tons of drama in the form of shoulder bustles, towering veils and a double breasted strapless dress.

But none of those formed the most shocking part of Herrera's collection. Is one of those looks a bridal... pantsuit? Yep, complete with a ginormous straw hat, and it's Carolina's first one ever.

"I think it's totally fun because it's different from what you're expecting a bride to wear," Herrera explains in the above video.

Totally! But, we're kind of loving it, and we suspect wedding suit fan Carrie Bradshaw might adore it, too.

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