Panthers Continue To Dominate, Give Little Girls Touchdown Balls

We dare you to try not to smile at this.

As has now become a weekly tradition, the Carolina Panthers just made another young fan’s dream come true. Seemingly every Sunday, Cam Newton’s squad turns on-field success into off-field elation as players run to the stands to give touchdown balls to Carolina loyalists.

In the NFC championship game Sunday, after an impressive roundabout 22-yard touchdown from wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., it was this little Panthers fan who showcased what pure happiness looks like: 

Last week, it was this similarly coiffed and beanie’d youngster who received the honors after one of her team's touchdown runs:

For the sake of their Super Bowl aspirations, the Arizona Cardinals better hope that the number of Carolina fans who get handed celebratory memorabilia tonight is limited.

The Panthers are currently taking the Cardinals to task, 17-0.

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