NFL Team Spends Days Hiding 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Lyrics In Cryptic Tweets

This may be the best played thing the Panthers have done in a while -- on or off the field.

It’s the Twitter equivalent of a quarterback sneak.

Ever since Wednesday, the Carolina Panthers’ social media department has been posting a series of tweets that ranged from innocuous to slightly bizarre.

Finally, on Friday, the team gave a hint there was a deeper meaning to it all.

The team tweeted out the opening lines of the theme song to “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” Will Smith’s beloved early 1990s sitcom, by making it the first word of every tweet.

Oh, and they did it in reverse order to make it more challenging.

Considering the team went 6-10 last season, this may be the most well-played thing the Panthers have done in a while.

Here are the tweets in the order in which they would appear should you choose to sing along.

Of course, if you prefer the original without all the tweets...

This seems to be part of a trend. Earlier this week, a man named Richard Cook did a cryptic tribute to Smash Mouth, by tweeting out the first verse of “All Star” by making it the first word in every tweet.



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