Body Of French Journalist Caroline Corvalan Identified; Police Launch Murder Investigation

Police Investigate Grisly Death Of French Journalist

French police uncovered a ghastly scene last week when they found a dismembered and decaying human torso in a service shaft beneath a street in Paris. On Oct. 2, after identifying the remains as French TV journalist Caroline Corvalan, authorities launched a murder investigation into the 33-year-old's death.

The story has only become more bizarre as details of Corvalan's life, and the circumstances leading up to her untimely passing, surface in French media.

On Thursday, RTL France reported that Corvalan was the subject of an open complaint of repeated death threats made between March and August of this year. Citing police sources, Le Parisien reported that Corvalan's apartment was burglarized on Sept. 18, and her phone, digital tablet, jacket and purse were taken.

Perhaps more peculiar, a camera that belonged to Corvalan was also missing at the time police searched the premises, but it reappeared several days later, the outlet notes. Police are currently working to examine the footage.

At the time of her death, Corvalan was on leave from her position at French TV station France 3, where she reported on national and regional Cannes news that was generally non-sensitive, according to local reports. Corvalan had been out of the office for several months, possibly for psychological issues.

Corvalan was first reported missing on Aug. 20, after her employer and family had not heard from her for some time. An autopsy estimated the time of death between Aug. 19 and Aug. 25, according to Le Monde.

Her dismembered corpse, which was said to be in an advanced state of decomposition, was first discovered by service workers on Sept. 24. Authorities later identified the remains as Corvalan's through her fingerprints.

Le Monde notes that a judicial source described the dismemberment as "a professional job" since the corpse had been cleanly cut at the thigh and knee.

Regional newspaper Nice Matin published a tribute to Corvalan, who was affectionally called "Caro," and described her as someone who loved life and was curious about everything.

For footage from the scene, view the video below.

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