Target Hits A Bull’s-eye By Offering Carts For Kids With Special Needs

Next month, the new carts will be ready to roll.

This is the kind of news that will make you spring out of your seat.

Caroline’s Carts, a shopping cart with an extra-large, forward-facing seat that's specially designed for kids and adults with special needs, is going to be available nationwide, reported.

Starting in March, Target will offer the seriously sweet seat in most of its stores so more kiddos can roll down its aisles in style.

Drew Ann and David Long created Caroline’s Carts for their daughter, Caroline. The idea came to Drew Ann during a trip to the grocery store with her toddler son and Caroline, who uses a wheelchair, in tow.

“I remember so desperately struggling with a wheelchair, 2-year-old and a shopping cart,” Drew Ann says in a video on Caroline Cart’s site. “I remember, I thought, ‘What would help me?’” Later that night she sat down and designed a shopping cart that would suit her and her family’s needs. 

In October, King Soopers, a supermarket in Loveland, Colorado ordered a Caroline’s Cart for Melody Leach’s 2-year-old daughter, Beatrice, who has cerebral palsy after management noticed the mother struggling to push a cart and a wheel chair at the same time. The store presented the cart to the two decked out ribbons and flowers and re-named it Beatrice’s Cart.

Yet, regardless of the moniker, the arrival of this innovation at a national level will help parents and kids, with a variety of names and disabilities, feel like they’re finally in the driver’s seat.


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