Carolyn Everson, Facebook VP, On Meeting Sheryl Sandberg, The Best Advice She's Gotten

The "other First Lady" of Facebook didn't meet Sheryl Sandberg until the COO called to offer her a job.

Carolyn Everson, Facebook's Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions, spoke to Fortune's Pattie Sellers onstage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women London event. During the interview, Everson spoke about her introduction to Sandberg (it was over the phone via another colleague) and the decision to move her family to London from the U.S. (they love it).

She also opened up to Sellers about the best advice she'd ever received:

"I host women's dinners in New York quite a lot, and someone said to me once, 'when you walk into a room, think of yourself as a thermostat. Dial it up when you have to, and dial it down when you have to.' I thought that that was a really interesting advice, because depending on what you're trying to accomplish and how you're perceived and how you go in is something you really have to think about, so that is one that I've held."

Dial it up, dial it down, lean in. We're going to start turning to the women of Facebook for all of our career advice.

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