Carowinds' 'Fury 325' Roller Coaster Is Taller Than The Statue Of Liberty

New Roller Coaster Is Taller Than The Statue Of Liberty And It Will Make You Cry

If you're a daredevil, you're gonna need to book a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina soon. Because at the end of March, Carowinds Amusement Park is unveiling one of the world's tallest, fastest and longest roller coasters.

Meet Fury 325. We're nervous just looking at it.

With a peak of 325 feet, the Fury is 20 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty at its tallest point. It travels as fast as 95 miles per hour and twists along 6,602 feet of track. And don't forget about that little 81-degree drop that will definitely make you lose your breath.

Check out the first test run of the Fury below:

Fury 325 opens on March 27 to Carowinds season pass holders and on March 28 for everyone else.

Do you have #FuryFever yet?

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