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If Carrie Bradshaw Were Your Friend In Real Life, You Would Roll Your Eyes A LOT

"Sex and the City" will live on forever in viewer's hearts and on their DVRs. The show shed light on emerging designers, revolutionized the way sex is discussed on TV and basically invented those beloved/dreaded "Which character are you?!?!" quizzes around the Internet. Despite the worldwide fan base, stellar six season run and questionable yet guiltily pleasurable two movies, "Sex and the City" was not without its flaws.

Some credit "SATC" with "ruining the world," others have pointed out the skewed messages it sends about love. And some have lamented that Carrie Bradshaw is kind of the worst.

Yes, she is a television character, and yes, Sarah Jessica Parker actually seems like a perfectly lovely person and friend, but we have to agree: If Carrie were a real life friend, she would be pretty intolerable at times.

In honor of Sarah Jessica Parker's 50th birthday Wednesday, we've brought to life six of her most cringeworthy Carrie lines, and how we assume her friends would respond in real life. Because no one feels that Vogue feeds them more instead of dinner. No one.

julianne 2 "Uhhh, OK. We're headed to brunch to have breakfast burritos and unlimited mimosas."

julianne 2 "Yes. It is."

julianne 2 "Ugh."

julianne 2 "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU."

julianne 2 "Stop. Just stop it already."

julianne 2 "A doobie?? What are you even saying, Carrie?"

All artwork by Eva Hill

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