Carrie Brownstein's Audiobook Outtakes Prove She's Our Dream BFF

The musician, writer and actress reads from "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl."

Hunger makes you a modern girl. Being in the legendary band Sleater-Kinney, the co-creator of the hilarious "Portlandia" and a character on "Transparent" makes you our No. 1 candidate for imaginary best friend.

In case you weren't sure, we're talking to Carrie Brownstein, aforementioned badass and author of the recently released memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern GirlThe memoir covers the scope of Brownstein's childhood, her experience in Sleater-Kinney and her role in the Riot Grrrl movement. Lest you think this tome might be another average celebrity-penned book, rest assured Brownstein can do memoir just as well as she can put a bird on it. "In the vast library of recent rock memoirs," writes John Williams in The New York Times, "... [hers] may be the one that most nakedly exposes its author’s personality." 

If reading Brownstein isn't enough, Penguin Random House has a peek into what it's like to hear Brownstein. Her audiobook recording outtakes, shown below, are just as fun and frenetic as any "Portlandia" sketch -- and will make you want to put this way up there on your to-be-read list.  

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