Here's Carrie Fisher In 'One Of The Most Entertaining Interviews Ever'

Amy Robach posted the 2015 interview on Tuesday, calling Fisher "brilliantly talented and funny."

Carrie Fisher died Tuesday at the age of 60, days after suffering a heart attack aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles.

In honor of the “Star Wars” icon’s refreshingly honest real-world persona, we’re highlighting this “Good Morning America” interview from December 2015, in which Fisher ― and her adorable dog Gary ― engage in what host Amy Robach calls “one of the most entertaining interviews ever.”

The interview begins with a relatively tame conversation about “The Force Awakens,” the 2015 Star Wars reboot Fisher played a role in, then veers wonderfully of course.

Robach honored Fisher with a tweet on Tuesday, recalling her conversation with a “brilliantly talented and funny” woman.



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