Carrie Fisher Book: Ted Kennedy Asked Me Sex Questions During Date With Chris Dodd

Princess Leia, Ted Kennedy, And Hot Tub Sex With Chris Dodd

Carrie Fisher, of Star Wars' Princess Leia fame, went on a date with then-Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd in 1985, she writes in her new book, "Shockaholic." Dodd invited the late Sen. Ted Kennedy to join them, and things got weird -- quickly.

"Suddenly, Senator Kennedy, seated directly across from me, looked at me with his alert, aristocratic eyes and asked me a most surprising question. 'So,' he said, clearly amused, 'do you think you'll be having sex with Chris at the end of your date?'" Fisher writes.

Dodd appeared embarrassed.

"Chris Dodd looked at me with an unusual grin hanging on his very flushed face," Fisher writes, before detailing her response. "'Funnily enough, I won't be having sex with Chris tonight,' I said, my face composed and calm. 'No, that probably won't happen.' People blinked. 'Thanks for asking, though.'"

But Kennedy wasn't done yet.

"'Would you have sex with Chris in a hot tub?' Senator Kennedy asked me, perhaps as a way to say good night?"

"'I'm no good in water,' I told him."

The Hill reports that the date took place soon after Fisher's first trip to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

The strange account is just one of many, based on advance excerpts from her book. According to ABC News, she covers other topics, such as being a patient of the dentist who sued Michael Jackson in 1993 and attempting to get a prostitute for her dying father in 2008.

For an exclusive excerpt of Fisher's book, in which she tells of spending Christmas with Michael Jackson in 2008 -- the last before his death -- click here.

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