Carrie Fisher: Cary Grant Helped Me With My Teenage Acid Problem

When Carrie Fisher's mom got worried about her teenage daughter's LSD use, she did what any concerned parent might do.

"She had Cary Grant call me about my acid problem," Fisher told David Letterman on his show Tuesday night. "While I was shooting it and stuff. I tell my father the story and my father's a little vague having shot speed 13 years. It's a family tradition."

Grant's involvement with Fisher's drug problem didn't end there. Fisher's dad ending up seeing him at Grace Kelly's funeral and at a loss for what to say, asked him to call his daughter again. He did. The reason Grant was the family acid expert? He once did it under doctor's supervision.

"I just always want to imagine, was he in a backless gown?" said Fisher. "Was the doctor on acid? Did they do it in the office? How do you do acid with a doctor? Dr. Feel Good!"

She also chats with Letterman about her marriage to Paul Simon and the unkind things she finds googling herself without a lubricant.


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