Carrie Fisher Condemns Dr. Conrad Murray In Michael Jackson Case

Carrie Fisher was introduced to Michael Jackson by her stepmother Elizabeth Taylor before becoming his next-door neighbor. And although Carrie says she was never super close with the pop icon, she did share several nights with him.

"Well, Michael and I got along very well because we had had very weird lives," Carrie told me on the set of "New York Live." "And so when two celebrities hang out, the issue of celebrity is then neutralized."

In her new book Shockaholic, Carrie titled an entire chapter "The Princess and The King" and wrote, "No one but a ridiculously wealthy celebrity could have persuaded a doctor to go against his principles to risk losing his license. So Dr. Murray swapped his reputation in exchange for shackles and the ability to say 'I'm Michael Jackson's doctor.'"

Just a few days before Dr. Murray's guilty verdict was announced, Carrie had already convicted the doctor in her mind. She explained, "I think that you don't give that medication in a home. Michael said give that to me?" Adding with disbelief, "Shoot me."