Carrie Fisher Told To Lose Weight For 'Star Wars' Role

Princess Leia Told She Was Too Fat

Carrie Fisher doesn't hold anything back in her new book Shockaholic, revealing everything from getting shock therapy to her close relationship with Elizabeth Taylor -- the woman who stole her father Eddie Fisher's heart. However, one of the most revealing claims is that she was told that Princess Leia needed to weigh 95 pounds.

"You know I'm a little older now and it's not like a thrill," Carrie told me and the ladies of "New York Live." "I was told to lose 10 pounds when I got the part [in "Star Wars"] and I couldn't 'cause I weighed 105 at the time."

Years later, after gaining weight and losing 50 pounds on Jenny Craig, Carrie jokes that she doesn't have to wear the famous hair buns on each side of her face anymore to make her look thinner.

"I've worked very hard at it" she explained, admitting that keeping the weight off has been an uphill challenge.

Surprisingly, Carrie also opened up about getting close with Elizabeth Taylor and actually thanks the sexy screen goddess for stealing her famous father away from her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

"I had actually heard [Taylor] had called my mom a goody two-shoes and I thought that was inappropriate given her history, and also I wanted to tell her that my mother may had been somewhat of a goody two-shoes but that she cursed like a sailor," Carrie says. "She asked me to present her an award so I thanked her for getting Eddie out of our house and we got along extremely well."

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