Carrie Fisher Thinks Trump’s Sniffles Are Thanks To Cocaine

The actress didn't hold back during Sunday night's debate.

Donald Trump’s sniffles became a hot topic yet again during Sunday’s second presidential debate. 

Not long after the debate began, Twitter was abuzz with comments about the Republican presidential candidate’s #sniffles, which became one of the night’s trending topics. 

Actress Carrie Fisher was among the many people on social media who speculated that his sniffles are a result of cocaine use. 

When asked if she thought Trump was a “coke head,” the “Star Wars” star answered, “I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY.” 

Fisher has been open about her own drug use in the past, revealing that she did cocaine on the set of “The Empire Strikes Back.” The actress has said she “didn’t even like coke that much,” but would have taken anything to get high. She also wrote about her history with drugs in her semi-autobiographical novel Postcards From the Edge.

Fisher didn’t comment solely on Trump’s sniffles, though, despite her self-proclaimed expert status on the topic. Fisher was tweeting throughout the whole debate, and definitely didn’t hold back when it came to the former “Apprentice” host. 

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