Carrie Forsythe Pays $1 Million For Home, Finds Its Walls Are Completely Infested With Mice (VIDEO)

Many home owners are familiar with mouse traps. But mouse traps won't be any help to a Canadian woman who paid $1 million for a home and declined to have it inspected only to find its walls completely infested with mice months later, according to

After she bought the home last May, Winnipeg resident Carrie Forsythe reportedly thought having architects and engineers walk through the house would be enough to ensure it was inhabitable. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Now the inside of Forsythe's home will be completely gutted and she will be left with $1 million shell of a home.

"All you see is just feces and urine, just puddles and piles," Forsythe said.

Home inspections can be an important part of the home buying process because they often uncover strange surprises in houses. Home improvement site This Old features galleries of shocking photos taken by inspectors at homes they've worked on.

Still, showed that only 77 percent of home buyers got their homes professionally inspected, according to a 2000 survey conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Another recent case of unexpected home problems occurred when a family in Texas moved into a home that they didn't realize had previously been used to grow around 400 marijuana plants. The family got ill from the greenhouse-like conditions of the house, which was filled with dangerous mold.

Forsythe says she plans to sue the home's previous owners.

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