Carrie Underwood Wants 'Payback' After Husband Sings With Garth Brooks

Does anyone have Wayne Gretzky's phone number?

Carrie Underwood is not happy with her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, and for good reason! 

Underwood Instagrammed an adorable video of her hubby singing with country music star Garth Brooks, feigning outrage at their meeting. Brooks jokingly dedicates his song "The River" to his "girlfriend Carrie Underwood," before Fisher jumps in to sing a few verses.

"How is it that my hubby, @mfisher1212 gets to sing with THE @garthbrooks before I do?" Underwood captioned the Instagram video. "As payback, I think I'll try to see if Wayne Gretzky wants to play a pick up hockey game sometime!" 

Sounds totally fair to us! 

Considering Carrie Underwood and Garth Brooks are two of country music biggest stars, it's pretty shocking that they haven't sung anything together (are you listening, CMAs?)

We can only hope that Underwood will pull a TSwift and bring Brooks onstage for a guest appearance during her Storyteller tour (or vice versa, as Brooks is touring as well).

We'll be praying to our "Country Music Jesus" tonight to make this duet happen. 



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