Carrie Yury on the ImageBlog

"Coding" 2013. Graphite and watercolor on paper 12" x 9"
The series "Everyday Balaclava" is inspired by the Russian feminist punk activists Pussy Riot, the Ukrainian feminist activist group Femen, and Russian dissident journalists Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova, both of whom were brutally murdered for their anti-Putin regime reportage.

By juxtaposing the colorful balaclava, which has come to represent radical punk feminism, with distinctly non-activist activities, I'm pointing out how incredibly daring and wonderful my Slavic feminist activist heroines are for engaging in feats of public daredevil outrageous activism. But I'm also thinking about what comes after and between such stunts, about how women reconcile their everyday activities, roles, and modes with activist beliefs and politics.