Carrie Yury's Paintings: What's On The Mind Of Women In Politics?

WHO: Carrie Yury

WHAT: Suits and First Ladies

WHEN: September 11 - October 23, 2010

WHERE: Sam Lee Gallery
990 North Hill Street #190
Los Angeles, CA 90012
gallery hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12 - 6 pm


Carrie Yury's two most recent series, Suits and First Ladies, both examine women's role in American politics. In each of these photo-based series, Yury turns traditional portraiture on its head by avoiding the frontal depiction of each subject's countenance and focusing instead on the subject's body as a fragment and/or abstraction. Yury digitally downloads very small resolution files of public relations pictures, using them as source images to make each work. Suits (2008-2009) are extreme close-ups of political women's clothing, blown up and abstracted. First Ladies (2010) is a series of photo-drawings that explore the imagined psyches of American Presidents' wives; the artist creates invented monologues, based on widely available biographical data, that are then written/drawn on top of each mediated image.

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