The Carrot Body Pillow Soothes Your Lonely, Hungry Heart

Slightly creepy, but an all-star cuddler.

We always heard that carrots were good for our eyes, but we never knew that they were good for our souls, too. We're not talking about cooked carrots, and we're definitely not talking about baby carrots -- those liars. We have our thoughts focused on a giant carrot body pillow. It has filled the void in our very hungry hearts with its four feet of orange greatness.

Carrots have been the backbone of our soups; they're the crunch in our salads; and now they're also a shoulder, er stump, to cry on. You might never have thought you needed carrots in this way, but you truly do. Walking in the door to a carrot sitting on your couch is sure to make you smile. And surely, watching a movie while snuggling up with this giant carrot makes the punch lines funnier.

The carrot body pillow is in line with the pizza bean bag chair and watermelon slice tent -- it's everything we never knew we wanted in pillows. While your friends and family might not understand why there's a giant carrot hogging up your couch, and your significant other probably won't approve, just know that we here at HuffPost Taste are 100 percent supportive.

You can get your carrot to snuggle with for $88 on Etsy.

carrot body pillow

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