Carson Huey-You, 11-Year-Old Genius, Youngest-Ever Student At Texas Christian University

WATCH: Child Genius Is Youngest Student At His College

"Wise beyond his years" doesn't begin to describe Carson Huey-You. The 11-year-old is the youngest student ever to attend Texas Christian University, NBC5 in Dallas reports in the segment above.

Carson, who plans to become a quantum physicist, is taking calculus, physics, history and religion in his first semester, the station notes. Given that he was devouring chapter books by age 2 and attending high school by age 5, the boy genius might reach his goal of a PhD before age 20.

His mother takes him to class at the Forth Worth campus. "I've actually managed to make a few friends here," he told the station.

According to TCU360, Carson had an impressive admission interview to augment his 1770 SAT score. He spoke Mandarin and played Beethoven on the piano.

“[Carson] is at a place that will genuinely care about him as a person,” Dean of Admission Ray Brown said to 360.

The family has another prodigy in the making, 360 mentioned. Claretta and Andre, the parents, told the university outlet that Carson's 7-year-old brother, Cannan, is already doing schoolwork at an eighth-grade level.

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