Carsten Holler Exhibit In NYC Blamed For Ear Infections

The New Museum's Carsten Holler exhibit is an oversized playground of wonders meant to make boring old adults feel like kids again. So the latest complaint lodged at it feels almost poetic: boring old adults are getting ear infections, like they're kids again!

Last Friday Gothamist spoke with a girl who claims she and her boyfriend contracted "very painful ear infections in both ears" two days after floating in the exhibit's "Giant Psycho Tank," a tank of warm salted water that's either a mini-Dead Sea or a "sensory deprivation tank," depending on who you talk to. The pool features Epsom salt, oil and jets, and visitors float one at a time, often in the nude. Here's an excerpt of what the afflicted floater told Gothamist:

"The water was heavily chemically treated, and the NY Health Department had already cracked down on them for some issues, so I figured, how much more dangerous could this be than a typical pool?

Well, at least marginally more dangerous. Two days later, we both had very painful ear infections in both ears. I had never had an ear infection in my life! After 8 days of antibiotics, our ear infections are STILL not gone. I tried to post this information on their Tumblr, but surprise, surprise, the moderator has not yet approved my post."

An earlier city "crackdown" reported by the NYPost resulted in a rule limiting the pool to one user at a time, putting an end to the days of group dips and "strangers bouncing into each other in the buff." Despite the exhibit's increased crowds and ticket prices, Eargate feels a little like the second shoe dropping. Who wants to bet allowance money there's lice on the 102-foot slide?

(via Gothamist)

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