Cartman's Best Musical Moments: 13 Songs That Prove South Park's Song Superiority (VIDEO)

1) "Poker Face": Cartman does his best Lady Gaga rendition on Rock Band, with an added verse about his problem with Stan.

2) "The German Dance": Chef Aid is in danger when the boys only have one act, and it's Cartman in lederhosen doing a "German Dance."

3) "O Holy Night": Cartman tries to be sweet during the holidays by singing "O Holy Night," but he digresses into presents and pies.

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4) "The Heat Of The Moment": No one can deny the catchiness of Asia's "Heat Of The Moment." Here, Cartman gets all of Congress to sing it along with him.

5) "Kyle's Mom's A Bitch": This legendary song was put to an end too early in life by Mr. Hanky, but it lives on in all of us.

6) "Not My Water Park": Definitely Cartman's best song of this season, "Not My Water Park" is a heartfelt ballad about his favorite summer hangout being filled with minorities.

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7) "Taco Flavored Kisses": Cartman's hand becomes international superstar Jennifer Lopez when he makes a music video at the mall.

8) "Jesus Baby": Cartman takes his love for Jesus one step too far.

9) "Fingerbang": Once again, Cartman is looking for an easy way to fame and fortune. Here, he dreams of starting a boy band with the hit song "Fingerbang." it's pretty disturbing.

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10) "Third Grade": When the boys enter 4th grade, they can't help but reminisce about the good times back before they lost their innocence. Cartman sings a touching song to remember their youth.

11) "Come Sail Away": We all know the anecdote about Meredith Baxter Birney is a lie now, but Cartman's "Come Sail Away" rule is right on.

12) "Somalian Pirates We": In an episode entitled "Fatbeard," Cartman travels the high seas recruiting Somalian pirates to be more pirate-y.

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13) "What Would Brian Boitano Do?": This is more of a group effort than a Cartman special, but it's one of the greatest songs we've ever heard so we couldn't resist.

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