Carton King Restaurant In Taiwan Is Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard (VIDEO)

LOOK: Restaurant Is Constructed Entirely Out Of Cardboard

A crafty, former paper salesman in Taiwan turned hardship into an awesome lesson in the power of innovation with his many, many uses for paper products.

Carton King Creativity Park, which opened up three years ago in Taichung City includes a restaurant where everything -- including plates, cups, chairs and wall decorations -- is made out of cardboard.

According to Oddity Central, the food at Carton King Restaurant is average, if a bit expensive, but it's a small price to pay for the experience.

The restaurant is a unique establishment, in both aesthetic and design. The interior looks like the inside of a life-sized LEGO house (if all the LEGO blocks were the same brownish color). Carton King customers sip drinks from cups made from the recycled material, at a table made from similar material. When a customer breaks a chair (as in the video above), it is whisked away by a waiter to be recycled.


Environmentalism is the point of the Carton King Creativity Park, according to Huang Fang-liang, general manager of the park's founding company Chin Tang Paperware Co.

"It's to give people an understanding of creativity and pass on an environmental message," the general manager told Reuters. "It's to say that after using something, you can use it again."

Many of the park's attractions -- such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower -- are both water and flame retardant and can be toted to safety in case of typhoons.

The park and its restaurant, soon to be featured in an episode of the Food Network series "Weirdest Restaurants," is the completion of a dream for Huang.

”Those who had been in the trade a long time said to me that they had seen more paper items than the number of grains of rice I had eaten,” Huang told Oddity Central. “They told me paper products were only good for printing, drawing and wiping up messes. I wanted to use paper in the same way as plastic or wood is used to create dimensional packaging, but to them it was pretty much a joke.”


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Carton King Restaurant

Carton King Restaurant

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